Raising the Floor (RtF) – International are holding an online meeting to discuss the Needs & Numbers program, RtF’s work on quantifying disability and accessibility. This is a follow-up to their panel discussion at CSUN, with Mark Richert of the American Foundation for the Blind and Jim Tobias of Inclusive Technologies.

When: April 18, 1 PM Eastern (GMT-4)

Where: Online; information about participating will be sent to registrants.

Registration and information page.

Raising the Floor (RtF) is an international coalition of individuals and organizations working to ensure that the Internet, and everything available through it, is accessible to people experiencing accessibility barriers due to disability, literacy, or age. Of particular concern are people who are underserved or unserved due to the type or combination of disabilities they have, the part of the world they live in, or the limited resources (financial or program) available to them. A central activity of Raising the Floor – International is coordination of an emerging consortium to build a Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII). For more information see http://raisingthefloor.org.