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A European (Valorisation) Conference entitled “A Job Environment for All” will take place on 25 September, 2009 in Brussels, Belgium. A whole range of projects will present its outcomes, most in direct relationship to the increased employability of people with disabilities. The conference will take place at POLIS, Rue du Trône 98, in Brussels (easily reachable via the metro – station “Troon / Trône”) from 9.30 till 14.30. It is organised with the financial support of the Leonardo da Vinci programme of the EC.

Registration is now open via

The idea of ESTEEM project is to return learners, people from minority ethnic groups, unemployed people and others who experience social and economic disadvantage. These people are often marginalised in their access to training and employment. And there is usually a mismatch between their needs and requirements and the provision of education and training for employment.

In this respect Lifelong learning provides opportunities for more people to obtain the skills and qualifications they need to enter the labour market. The key to successful engagement with this process is the ability to get into employment. However, certain groups are less able to do this, because of economic disadvantage, structural barriers to their participation, limited educational experience, ethnocentric attitudes and cultural insensitivity. The ESTEEM project is aimed at empowering these groups by helping them take more control of the development of their learning.

more information can be found on the project website.