The project will develop a personal, user-centered enabling system, with services, for use by an elderly person in or out of the home, to mitigate the effects of any disability and to increase quality of life: independence, autonomy, mobility, communications, care and safety. The system will be based on a distributed open platform, enabling other services to be added by third parties, by “plugging” into defined interfaces. The platform includes a mobile phone, enabling the user to get out and about, for visiting, shopping, recreation, etc, whilst maintaining contact for help and services.

The overall strategic objective of the project is to:
* improve the quality of life for an elderly person wanting to lead, or to continue to lead, an independent life;
* assist in carrying out daily activities;
* monitor health and activity, especially reduce the risk of having a fall or other trauma;
* improve access in emergency, for safely and security, especially in the case of a fall;
* facilitate social contacts;
* increase the length of time that the elderly person can stay at home before moving to an institution;
* improve the quality of life and costs for their carers, especially for friends or relatives that might not be living, or want to live, in the same house, but are anxious about leaving the elderly person by themselves;
* improve the standard of care provided by local social services, and the cost of providing that care;
* reduce the amount of time that the elderly person spends in hospital before they can be safely sent home;
* improve the quality of life for the elderly person recovering from treatment, or with a terminal illness, who wants to stay at home.

More information on the project website.