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The EDF report: A Compilation of Resources on the Web-Accessibility Internal Market gathers resources in relation to web-accessibility. This list of resources is by no means exhaustive but brings further insights:
– It present reports and studies illustrating the state of play of websites access in Europe and providing further insight on the socio-economic rationale behind making websites accessible;
– It gives the voice to persons with disabilities illustrating the everyday problems they encounter because of lack of access to websites;
– It also brings the perspective of some web developers providing services of web-accessibility;
– And some accessible owners explain why they think it is worth designing accessibly.

Download EDF Report: A Compilation of Resources on the Web-Accessibility Internal Market

EDF has developed a Telecoms Package Toolkit to support the efforts to bring a real change for persons with disabilities to equally access e-communications. This Toolkit lists the provisions related to e-accessibility for persons with disabilities in the EU Regulatory Framework for Electronic Communications Networks and Services (the Telecoms Package) and gives insights on how they could be understood to enable a full and common understanding throughout the EU. This toolkit is primarily targeted at EDF member organizations to enhance their capacity in following up on the transposition into national legislation and the implementation of the Telecoms Package; but, it could also be useful to anyone who wishes to better understand the disability-related provisions in the Telecoms Package. The toolkit is available on alternative format upon demand.
Download the toolkit