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Tag: Disability Strategy

Current public tenders for the development of software, website services, kiosk and terminal interfaces, etc. demand that the developed tools and products are accessible to every citizen. In this context, the EC-funded ACCESSIBLE project launched a wide range of disability personas, which are potentially of great usage to developers of software tools. They allow developers and designers to better understand the target groups they develop for, namely people with disabilities or older people.

As read on CEDEFOP: The European Commission has just adopted a new strategy to break down barriers with a view to tackling inequalities and social exclusion. The overall aim of this Strategy is to empower people with disabilities so that they can enjoy their full rights, and benefit fully from participating in society and in the European economy, notably through the Single market. Achieving this and ensuring effective implementation of the UN Convention across the EU calls for consistency. This Strategy identifies actions at EU level to supplement national ones, and it determines the mechanisms needed to implement the UN Convention at EU level, including inside the EU institutions.
This Strategy focuses on eliminating barriers. The Commission has identified eight main areas for action: accessibility, Participation, Equality, Employment, Education and training, Social protection, Health, and External Action.
Download European Disability Strategy 2010-2020: COM (2010) 636.