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Tag: digital divide

The Pew Research Center (USA) has released a new report on who’s not online and why. Many non-users cite a constellation of factors that include usability, accessibility, and digital skills. The number of people in this category, 32% of all non-users, is almost twice what it was 3 years ago. Also interesting is that only 17% of non-users think they could get started on their own, while 63% think they would need some help getting started.
The relevance issue — why should I bother? — takes the #1 position, but this is somewhat undercut by the fact that 44% of non-users have asked someone else to look something up or complete a task on the Internet.
Source: Raising the Floor Newsletter – October 2013

About Raising the Floor (RtF): Raising the Floor (RtF) is an international coalition of individuals and organizations working to ensure that the Internet, and everything available through it, is accessible to people experiencing accessibility barriers due to disability, literacy, or age. Of particular concern are people who are underserved or unserved due to the type or combination of disabilities they have, the part of the world they live in, or the limited resources (financial or program) available to them. A central activity of Raising the Floor – International is coordination of an emerging consortium to build a Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII). For more information see

A new study by the Royal National Institute for the Blind shows that seniors with visual disabilities are missing out on using the Internet for specific reasons. The primary reason (given by 83% of the respondents) was their vision loss, possibly revealing low awareness of assistive technology solutions. Other answers indicated that they are not convinced of the Internet’s value to them, and that the value was not worth the effort to overcome the technological complexity or learning curve. The study offers several recommendations to improve the situation, including simpler technologies and better technological support.
Source: Raising the Floor