AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) has great potential for positively influencing the lives of many people. But impact so far has been less than hoped, partly due to fragmentation of research efforts and the lack of a standardised approach for developers. To address this, the AALOA (AAL Open Association) was launched.
The AAL Open Association is promoted by the partners of the European Integrated Projects PERSONA and universAAL and the discussion about its organization is currently coordinated by CNR-ISTI (Italy), Fraunhofer-IGD (Germany), ITACA-UPV (Spain), and SINTEF (Norway). The AALOA Manifesto defines the rationale and the purposes of the association. Today, the Manifesto is a dissemination effort of the EU projects MonAmI, OASIS, OsAmI-commons, PERSONA, SOPRANO, universAAL and WASP.