“Official estimates put the number of Europeans with disabilities at 10% – or 37 million in the EU and 80 million in Greater Europe. Giving an accurate figure is hard, since the term “disability” covers a very wide range of situations, but six out of ten EU nationals say that their immediate or less immediate circle includes someone who has a disability or is an invalid, and one in four has such a person in his/her family. Over 5% of EU nationals say that have a disability themselves, but one in four puts the figure for Europe at 20%.”
“Eurobarometer” survey, carried out in May 2001

Considering these staggering figures this portal aims at providing an overview of the most relevant projects dealing with people with disabilities and their needs. These range from private initiatives to those partially funded by e.g. the European Commission under the Framework Programmes, Leonardo da Vinci Programme, etc.

Access For All aims at highlighting a variety of projects, initiatives, events, etc. that place people with disabilities, older people as well as other people at risk of being excluded at the centre, thus aiming to let them become full citizens that can enjoy every service, event, PC application, etc. like everyone else.

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