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Category: Navigation

iPortal™ is a power chair accessory that connects to an iPhone or iPod touch to display wheelchair information in real time.

It is a Dynamic Controls solution to offer a unique approach to wheelchair displays that not only shows information in an exciting, easy to read way but brings the latest mainstream technology to the chair.

It is compatible with Dynamic Controls Shark, DX, and DX2 control systems, and iPhone 4.

The accessibility features (e.g. scanning) make phone calls, surf the net, type text and join the online world easier since iPortal’s new Accessibility Application enables the usage of joystick or switch or head array control for interfacing with the iPhone and iPod Touch.

More information on the corporate link.

Most sat nav systems are designed for and used by a broad cross-section of the population, but the BBNav is unique in that it is the first standalone sat nav system to have been created by the Blue Badge association (hence the BB name). That means that it is purposely designed to be used by disabled people and their carers. The BB functionality starts with the inclusion of detailed information relating to locations of disabled parking spaces on streets and roads around the UK. It also has points of interest for disabled users, including details of businesses and services offering accessibility or those catering exclusively to disabled users. The BBNav also has the locations of car parks for disabled drivers stored in its memory, although for the majority of the time it will perform in exactly the same way as every other sat nav on the market. That means it can navigate quickly and easily to any destination, but has further advantages including colour-coded roads to make following instructions easier and a large touch sensitive interface to make using the menus and navigation system simpler for everyone.
Buy via US, UK or Germany.