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First announcement ENTELIS SEMINAR: Supporting the development of digital skills of persons with disabilities of all ages – Policies, strategies and tools
26-27 November 2014 – Bologna Italy

The digital divide is a fact. Many people with disabilities do not participate, or experience difficulties in fully participating, in the digital society. There are many factors that contribute to this situation, ranging from environmental factors (physical and cultural barriers) to person-related factors, such as lack of training or unfamiliarity with technology. The ENTELIS network aims to reduce the digital divide by fostering exchange of information and good practice, by networking all relevant stakeholders and by contributing to policy development. The seminar will address the entire range of factors within a holistic perspective. However, in investigating possible solutions, it will particularly focus on person-related factors: it will explore how actions and measures aimed at the person’s empowerment and digital skills development can improve participation and freedom of choice in the digital society.

The pre-Seminar event (Wednesday 26 afternoon) will be targeted to the public-at-large, including policy-makers, journalists, non-governmental organisations, self-advocacy groups. Participation is free of charge. Registration is encouraged.

The Seminar (Thursday 27, full day) will be mainly targeted to education and rehabilitation professionals, service providers, researchers and experts in information technology and assistive technology. It will include keynote speeches, selected contributions from the participants and parallel working groups. It will be organised in such a way to promote the maximum amount of information exchange, reciprocal learning, networking and project incubation.

Fee: 150 Euro. Free of charge for ENTELIS partners and for members of AAATE, EASPD and EVBB. Registration is required.

Call for presentations (abstracts), programme and registration information:

The seminar is held in the framework of the thematic event: (Assistive) technology as a Human Rights Enabler Bologna 26-29 November 2014

Open call for contributions to the ENTELIS seminar programme (pdf)

We received this request:

Reading from e-documents like journals, books, articles, the text content is now accessible using various assistive technologies like screen reader, magnifier & Braille display. But the visual content like image or graphs or drawing are not yet fully accessible. Some tools and technologies have been introduced in this regard in the literature. But any context related, generalized solution is still missing.

This survey is designed to collect facts about the accessibility of visual elements present in e-format of document. Survey form is having few basic questions based on the objective. It will take just 5-10 minutes to fill the form and submission.

The target participant is any person accessing e-content using assistive technology or people who have such kind of requirement like learning disabled and persons working in the area.The form is accessible through the screen reader like Orca for visually impaired participants.

I request you to participate in the survey and help to decide the right path ahead.
Please forward this to as many as whom you find related with.
Thanks a lot and feel free to give your feedback.

Best regards
Leena Chourey

To fill it out, visit: