The review examined four major LMSes: Blackboard Learn version 9.1 Service Pack 6 and 8, Desire2Learn version 10, Moodle version 2.3, and Sakai version 2.8. Each of these organizations runs an interest group to guide improvements in accessibility of their products. They were also part of previous evaluations done by the same group in 2010 and 2012.

The disabilities tested for encompassed visual, mobility, learning, and cognitive. Testing and evaluation categories covered functional accessibility in nine broad areas:

  • Testing and evaluation;
  • Login, configuration, and compatibility testing;
  • Personalization and customization;
  • Navigation;
  • Forms;
  • Help and documentation;
  • Common student-facing modules and tools such as announcements and discussions;
  • Authoring tools and content creation, such as the gradebook and multimedia content handling; and
  • Features unique to each LMS that affect accessibility.