Implementing the UN Convention: the role of Assistive Technology Centres

Special Session during AAATE 2013 conference, September 19-22nd, 2013. Portugal. –

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities contains many references to Accessibility, Assistive Technologies and Universal Design. World wide Assistive Technology Centres support people with disabilities in identifying appropriate solutions to enhance their independence, to allow equal opportunities and to access their rights as human beings and citizens. They also promote a “culture of independence” and in many cases support policy making. As such they are important stakeholders and drivers for the implementation of the UN Convention.

Two years ago an international group of leading AT Centres started to meet and to discuss. Although working in different cultural and socio-economic conditions -factors that also impact on the model of service delivery-, the Centres share a common identity and mission. For more information:

The network, facilitated by the G3ICT initiative and endorsed in Europe by AAATE, is eager to increase the participation of more European AT Centres and proposes therefore a special session during the AAATE 2013 conference on the role of AT Centres in implementing the UN Convention.

The purpose of the session is to come to an exchange regarding issues of specific interest for AT Centres, such as:

  • models and methodologies of service delivery;
  • the measurement of impact;
  • governance;
  • the training of staff members;
  • the collaboration and networking with end user organisations and other stakeholders.

AT Centres in Europe and around the globe are invited to present in this session, while attending the session is open to all registered conference participants.

Chair of the session: Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf

Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf is Head of the Projects Office of AIAS Bologna onlus and staff member of Emilia Romagna’s Regional Centre for Assistive Technology. He is an active AAATE member (president elect) and part of the group of founding members of the G3ICT Global AT Centres Leadership Network.