A newly adopted report by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament calls for accessibility to become a major criterion in EU supported investments under the new 7 year EU budgetary framework.

In the context of the current negotiations on a new 7 year EU budgetary framework (2014-2020), the European Parliament and the EU Member States are negotiating both the size as well as the implementing modalities of that framework. Part of that deal which is expected to be hammered out early next year, is a budget line on external policies.

In the area of foreign policies, discussions are underway to adopt common implementing rules defining the same implementing principles for all instruments.

The report stresses the need for accessibility to become a criterion in the area of public procurement procedures. This would ensure that all EU supported investments in partner countries have to explain in how far they respect those standards. In the field of EU external policies, this would be a first.

The report reads: “Tenderers, applicants and candidates who have been awarded contracts shall respect applicable environmental legislation including multilateral environmental agreements, internationally agreed core labour standards and the principles of non discrimination and, to the maximum extent possible, accessibility for people with disabilities.”

Source: CBM