GOET’s concrete aims and objectives are to support the acquisition and use of knowledge skills and qualifications to facilitate Basic Skills, Personal Development and Employment Preparation.

The GOET Project has been funded with support from the European Commission and will support people with learning disabilities in getting and keeping a job. It aims to help people learn, via games-based learning, to live more independently and to help them in their working day. The project also wants to improve how subjects are taught by making them more interesting and enjoyable. It also supports an accessible approach to vocational skills training, and will be adapting and developing a range of games for computers and mobile telephones that are interactive, engaging and fun.

Game on Extra Time has been delivered by the Social Enterprise Greenhat Interactive and funded by the European Commission. The games were designed and developed by Nottingham Trent University, providing a range of talented multimedia developers.

The games are designed across multiple online formats and provide a personalised memory timeline, giving prompts throughout the day to remind the client of important things to do to prepare for leaving the house and throughout the working day.