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Archive for May, 2010

A new international research report commissioned by ACCAN (Australian Communication Consumer Action Network) reports on 16 high-speed broadband applications that can provide enormous benefits to people with disabilities. The report was conducted between November 2009 and January 2010 and discusses the uses of broadband applications in Europe, the United States and Japan. “This is ground-breaking research into how the innovative use of high speed broadband can deliver potentially life-transforming services for consumers with disabilities,” Allan Asher, CEO of ACCAN said. “If Australia were to adopt these uses it would set the standard in international best practice with this platform.”
Download the report here.

Designer and developers, as well as people with disabilities and older people that will be the main users and beneficiaries of the VERITAS system, are invited to dedicated User Forums where best practices and knowledge can be exchanged. These forums will take place in coincidence with the project’s conferences, where all interested parties will be able to join the debate. Members of the User Forum will also have the opportunity to apply for participation in testing of VERITAS services, and will be able to participate in project conferences at a reduced fee. Equally, all User Forum members will be provided with the project’s 6-monthly newsletter. To become part of the User Forum, please complete the registration form. Additionally, after submitting the form, you can also access their online User Forum.

E-Access Bulletin’s sixth annual conference and exhibition on access to technology by people with disabilities, e-Access ’10, takes place on 13 July 2010 at Olympia 2 Conference Centre, London, UK. This year, the event is co-hosted by OneVoice for Accessible ICT Coalition, the UK’s leading umbrella body for organisations promoting access to technology by all. These days, all organisations use technology, from externally-facing websites to internal ICT systems used by your employees. And with an ageing population, and in tough economic times, ensuring all your customers, service users and staff are included in everything you do is more vital than ever. This summer event includes a packed programme of interactive sessions, workshops and case studies to help organisations of all sizes take their first steps towards or improve their track record on accessibility. Sessions cover the business, legal and ethical drivers for making computers, mobile phones and all digital technologies accessible to all.
More information can be found here.

The AAATE workshop 2010 “AT – technology transfer” will take place in Sheffield, UK, on October 4-5 2010. A call for contributions is open. The event is free to some delegates including authors of accepted papers or members of the AAATE who register early. The workshop is being hosted by KT-EQUAL and by D4D. More on this event can be found at the event website .