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Tag: people with learning disabilities

An exciting one day conference is organised in Swansea, UK, on Tuesday, 18 October 2011 with practical workshops, informative speakers and true stories for people with learning disabilities and the people who work with them.
The day will look at how people with learning disabilities can get involved in the decisions that affect their lives and how those working with them can encourage them to get their voices heard and include them.
For further information about the conference click here or call Rebecca Watkins on +44 (0)29 2068 1161.
Also available: Exhibiting opportunities – last few stands remaining!



RECALL (Location Based Services – Reconnecting Excluded Communities and Lifelong Learning) KA3 project has been developed to meet a need identified from years of research in working with user groups of people with learning disabilities and their teachers/trainers. This research has shown that on leaving compulsory education, people with learning disabilities, who have previously been provided with transport to allow them to access community activity, suddenly become excluded from lifelong learning and community activity because of their lack of independent travel skills.
Three modes of RECALL will be implemented and tested which allows our target audience to plan, rehearse and then actually reconnect with learning, employment and other community opportunities. This approach combines location based services with games based learning approaches. The Plan mode promotes User Created Content and allows RECALL to be personalised to users’ needs. The Challenge mode uses games based learning approaches and context awareness to engage users in rehearsing, reflecting on and reinforcing the ways in which they have planned their reconnection with these opportunities. The Usage mode also offers self directed learning opportunities by specifying and personalising the key community and road safety messages that they require to be triggered by location. RECALL is an application developed for the Android Operating System and will be specified in English, Bulgarian, Greek and Romanian.
In the UK and Greece RECALL will work with end user groups of people with learning disabilities (NTU, GHI) and with Deaf people (BID). In Romania it will work with people with physical disabilities and sensory impairments and in Bulgaria RECALL will involve mainly people with mobility impairments. Testing and piloting of the products will measure performance against agreed indicators to ensure that we meet the objectives of increasing independence and inclusion for the target groups and of reconnecting excluded learners back to their communities and lifelong learning opportunities.
More info on the project website.