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After 4 years of activities, the OASIS project is coming to the end. This International Final Conference will be the opportunity to present the project’s outcomes and to gather all relevant academic and industrial stakeholders to discuss about the OASIS applications together with the beneficiaries of the project, older people and all those people in the need of assistance. Therefore the OASIS International Conference will host the User Forum and the Scientific Advisory Board meeting. The first event, scheduled on Tuesday 15th November in the morning, will give the invited beneficiaries the opportunity to test the OASIS applications and their on-line trainings, touching by hand the devices developed by the project and discussing with the developers about their functions and potentials. The second meeting, organised on Wednesday 16th November, will involve the OASIS international experts and will gather their views and further advice on the applications and their interoperability.

Following presentation “Accessibility, an ongoing struggle in every domain of daily life” was given at the ATTRACT workshop in Madrid, Spain on 10 May 2011.

OASIS is an FP7 project which stands for Open architecture for Accessible Services Integration and Standardisation. In this animated video, we are following John and Sue who are using the OASIS services on a daily basis.
The video incorporates following aspects:
– Independent living applications
* Nutritional advisor
* Activity coach
* Brain and skills trainer
* Social communities platform
* Health monitoring
* Environmental control
– Autonomous Mobility and Smart Workplaces Applications
* Transport information services
* Route guidance
* Personal mobility
* Smart workplaces

For more information about the project, please visit our website at:

This is a reminder for 1st International OASIS ( Conference that will take place on November 4-5, 2009 in Florence, Italy. It will provide a forum to present current and future work as well as to exchange ideas in the field of Independent Living and Autonomous Mobility for elderly.

OASIS is a Large Scale Integrating Project – partially funded by the European Commission (FP7-ICT 215754) – with the aim to develop an open and innovative reference architecture, based upon ontologies and semantic services, that will allow plug and play and cost-effective interconnection of existing and newly developed services in all domains required for the independent and autonomous living of older people and their enhanced Quality of Life.

Topics that will be addressed:
– How to support holistically the independent living and mobility of the elderly across Europe?
– How to connect services for the elderly in an one-stop-shop fashion and interrelate/ integrate them?
– What are the elderly and their families/carers primary needs, concerns and expectations from the technologies and services arising?

These, and much more, are to be presented in Florence, in the 1st International OASIS Conference.

Registration and full details are available at the OASIS website.