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The AALIANCE2 Project is pleased to announce the first Stakeholder Workshop of the AALIANCE2 Roadmap “Technologies for AAL solutions: AAL application domains” on February 14, 2012, 9.00–16.30, at The BioRobotics Institute, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Viale Rinaldo Piaggio, 34 in 56025 Pontedera (Pisa), Italy. Contact persons are,,

AALIANCE2 Project is a Coordination Action funded in the FP7-ICT-2011.7, which focuses on the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) solutions based on advanced ICT technologies for ageing and wellbeing of elderly people in Europe. One of its main objectives is to build consensus upon research priorities in the AAL roadmap and Strategic Research Agenda for the upcoming decades.

This first workshop will focus on the functional areas associable to the AAL application domains (AAL4Person, AAL in the Community) and the relative activities/application scenarios. The objectives are to refine, classify, organize and improve the contents of the first AALIANCE Roadmap, published in March 2010.

Suitable persons for the AALIANCE2 Workshop are experts in the AAL domain, which have experience in some of the following tasks: designing, developing, producing, experimenting, and assessing AAL technologies or studying and defining the main aspects of AAL field. Experts should be AAL technology developers and researchers, ICT service providers and technology suppliers, policy‐makers, standardization organizations, health and care service organizations, caregivers, etc.

We would like to invite you (or some of your staff) to participate in this Workshop as Experts in the field of the AAL or responsible in Projects related to AAL and Ageing Well. The participation in the Workshop is limited to a small number of experts, therefore we ask you to confirm your participation as soon as possible, since the experts will be accepted based on the “who first confirms, first participates in”.
We gently ask you to extend this invitation also to all partners of the AAL project in which you are involved in.

If you accept to participate in the Workshop, you will receive guidelines to participate in the event and contents of the previous AALIANCE Roadmap.

AAL Open Association – AALOA organises a workshop together with the eInclusion unit (European Commission) and AAL JP support with the topic “Support for companies developing Ambient Assisted Living solutions to achieve the market breakthrough”. The workshop will take place at the 7th of June in Brussels and will discuss different issues for an AAL market break through. Also possible new funding schemes to support the porting of existing vertical AAL hardware and software solutions towards one horizontal platform will be discussed.

To register, click here.

This year, for the first time ever, the Ambient Assisted Living Forum (AAL Forum) 2010 will be preceded by an Investment Forum. Ambient Assisted Living products and services are ICT-based solutions, such as in-home monitoring devices or telemedicine systems, which help seniors remain independent, active and socially connected for a longer time. The AAL Investment Forum aims to stimulate more innovation and investment in AAL by bringing together innovative ICT enterprises in the Ageing Well market with potential public and private investors. A key activity will be a matchmaking session where innovators can pitch their smart solutions to potential investors.

The Ambient Assisted Living Forum (AAL Forum) 2010 will be held at the Odense Congress Centre in Denmark on September 15-17th 2010. The AAL Forum 2010 is the result of collaboration between the City of Odense, the Region of Southern Denmark, the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and the AAL Joint Programme.
This year the AAL Forum focuses on presenting innovative solutions to tackle the challenges inherent to our ageing societies. It aims to provide a platform for all stakeholders – investors, researchers, policy makers, industry providers and end-users – to discuss smart solutions for a improved quality of life in later years.
More information at the event website.

This Consultation meeting will bring together experts from all over Europe. The objective of the 2-day meeting is to provide strategic guidance for future research under the AAL Joint Programme and possible future topics for the ICT Policy Support Programme in the field of ICT & Ageing for 2011 and beyond. The outcome will be used as input for the preparation of future calls for proposals.
More info on the EC website.

On 29th September to 1st October 2009, a European-wide AAL Forum with the principal focus of reporting, showcasing and discussing the development and use of innovative ICT solutions in support of ageing will be held in Vienna.
About 400-500 participants are expected.
The AAL Forum is open for registrations at, while Information on the AAL Joint Programme is available at For further information about the Forum, please email to