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This conference will take place on 22-25 November 2009 in Hotel Metropole, 31 Place Brouckere, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

The conference provides a forum to present and discuss research results, policy plans, and new research problems and approaches.
* The future of the computer
Computers will become faster and more powerful. They will also become much smaller and be integrated in all objects in our environment. Everything around us and in us will have computer power.
* The future of the internet
The internet will grow and become more interactive. It will not only connect computers, but also things, tools… and perhaps brains. Most objects (and human beings?) will be directly online.
* The future of the relation between the virtual and the real
User interfaces will become more intuitive and natural. They may also disappear to the extent that the real and the virtual will merge.
* The future of ICT for human security
Security is a social priority. Developments in ICT may become the best protection as well as the worst threat.

More information can be found on the conference website.

The international conference “Needs of Accessibility and Design for All in Tourism for All” will take place in Lousã (Portugal) on 19 and 20 November 2009.

If interested, contact by 10 November.

According to Professor Adrian Davies of the MRC Institute of Hearing research in the UK, there are 70 million hearing impaired men, women and children in Europe today. That number will rise to 90 million in Europe by 2015 and soar to 700 million people world-wide. Since there is no international sign-language and not two countries have identical sign-languages, how do these people connect and communicate? This global problem now has a solution – communication technology through Spread the Sign. Spread the sign is an international Leonardo da Vinci project within Transfer of innovation, supported by the European Commission. They are working with spreading sign language from different countries by using the Internet. This pedagogical self-learning tool is free to use for everyone in the world. The imagination only sets the limits of the use of this dictionary… The conference will showcase the project and the website of the project as well as provide a forum for discussion on how to prevent social exclusion of deaf people. The seminar will be interactive and we hope you will participate with your ideas, experiences and opinions.
To register, contact the organisers.

Self-service terminals can be difficult to access and use for many people, e.g. users with disabilities, those with low ICT competence, elderly users, or simply those not used to this medium. This can be improved by adapting the terminals as to their physical design, software and interfaces. Possible solutions encompass among other use of mobile devices or assistive technologies for man-machine interaction, vocal input / output, software adaptation etc. The workshop, organised by the ICT for Inclusion unit of the European Commission, will also address the issue of information about and deployment of ICT-related assistive technology in general. The purpose is to identify grounds for possible further action at European level, including funding from EC programs.
The workshop takes place in Brussels, on 7 December 2009 at DG INFSO, Meeting Room S1, Avenue de Beaulieu 25, 1160 Brussels, Belgium.
More information can be found on the event website.

RAatE 2009 is a UK conference taking place from 30th November till 1st December 2009 in Coventry. It is focused on the latest innovations and developments in assistive technology. This conference will be of interest to everyone who uses, works with, develops or conducts research on assistive technologies (AT).

The VAALID EU project would like to invite you to the workshop “VAALIDate your AAL experience!” in Florence, Italy, on the 3rd of November 2009, from 15h to 17h. The Workshop aims at presenting and discussing the work carried out in the framework of VAALID project to develop method and tools to help designers to create and evaluate Ambient Assisted Living solutions. The workshop will take place at the Palazzo degli Affari in Florence, as a side-event of the OASIS 1st International Conference held in Florence 4th and 5th of November.

Key Dates
Registration free, until 30th of October 2009

For more details and registration please email us at

VAALID project aims at creating new tools and methods that facilitate and streamline the process of creation, design, construction and deployment of technological solutions in the context of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) assuring that they are accessible and usable for senior citizens.