Mobile Accessibility Workshop will be held at INTERACT 2011, in Lisbon, Portugal, on 5-9 September 2011.
Mobile devices pervade our daily lives. We are on the cusp of a fundamental change in how we relate to information and others, accessible at all times and places. Alas, this change might be barred to a large number of people, suffering from a wide range of disabilities. Mobile devices are increasingly visual, making them hard to use by the blind or other vision-impaired people. Keyboards are steadily being replaced by touchscreens, without tactile feedback, introducing additional barriers. Tetraplegic users have limited mobility of their limbs and hardly are able to pick up the devices or use their fingers for precise pointing. Moreover, the mobile aspect often creates situational impairments where those interaction modes are cumbersome or socially unacceptable, even for non-impaired people.
These are problems studied by the nascent area of Mobile Accessibility, where researchers focus on solving accessibility problems in mobile devices and settings. Bringing together Mobile Computing and Accessibility, it is the source of synergistic works that have the potential of deeply transforming how we look at mobile devices, and to shape the ongoing mobile revolution. This workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners in the area.
The topics of the workshop include but are not limited to:

  • Mobile interaction accessibility
  • Situational impairments
  • Assistive Mobile Technologies
  • Mobile Web Accessibility

More information can be found at the conference website.