Anatomy of a SOCIABLE Care Centre – Supported Services

Anatomy of a SOCIABLE Care Centre – Supported Services

SOCIABLE will pilot a radically new ICT based approach for integrated support of mental activity, as well as boosting of social interaction for individuals that have been diagnosed to suffer from mild dementia. SOCIABLE will integrate human support and care services offered by care centres and specialized/expert operators (e.g., geriatric internist, geriatric psychiatrist, neurologist, neuropsychologist or geropsychologist), with state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure and independent living technologies.

This new approach will build upon three tested technological pillars, which have proven therapeutical value, namely: (a) Novel perceptive mixed reality interfaces based on multi-touch surfaces, (b) An open platform for cognitive training games development, which allows the flexible creation and customization of cognitive training games and (c) “Profiling” and social “matching” capabilities boosting social networking and interaction between aged individuals.

SOCIABLE will be piloted with the participation of 350 senior citizens in 7 different pilot sites (TRONDHEIM Kommune, Hygeia Hospital, Morgagni Pierantoni Hospital, Municipality of Forlì, Social Policy Center of the Municipality of Kifissia, Santa Lucia Foundation and PREVI S.L) from 4 European countries (Greece, Italy, Norway, Spain).

Overall, SOCIABLE will integrate, deploy and operate an innovative ICT-enabled on-line service for assessing and accordingly reinforcing the mental state of the elderly through pleasant gaming activities for cognitive training, while at the same time boosting their social networking and activating their day-to-day interpersonal interactions. SOCIABLE is envisaged as a service with high potential for societal impact that could add significant value to current service offerings of care services providers. Furthermore, it is associated with a clear business potential for sustainability and wider use by care service providers within (but also outside of) the SOCIABLE consortium.

SOCIABLE is a pilot type B project supported by the ICT-PSP Programme of the European Commission
Duration: 36 Months
Project number: 238891
Project web site: