What is needed to reinvigorate the European Ageing agenda? What are the visions of ICT industry and businesses in the coming decades? How do older people, care organisations and policymakers react to business visions? We live in a world of technology communications, products and services, a world where our work, quality of life, health, and environment are all being transformed by technology. With progressive ageing of the European and worldwide population a new strategic thinking is required in business and beyond. Tackling the needs of an older population means new ways of thinking, social innovation and taking a holistic approach to ageing: at work, at home and in the community. The aim of the workshop is to identify how ICT Industry and businesses are or will be creating a new ageing vision within their own companies, with their products and services.
It takes place on 6 October 2009 at the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium. More info at AGE-platform website.